Manage your charging point

Manage charging points remotely and in real time, make charging points available for public charging, get an overview of charging sessions, activate split billing and reimburse home charging sessions. Our Mobiflow platform offers tailor-made solutions.

  • Extensive network

    Your public charging point is part of one of the largest charging networks in Europe. Electric drivers find their way to your charging point.

  • Fees

    You determine the fee for public charging sessions at your charging point. In addition, you manage, if you wish, the charging cards that can charge for free at your charging point.

  • Reporting

    You can view the charging sessions at any time, both public and private. You can use this information to monitor the charging sessions and for accounting purposes.

  • Split billing

    As an employer, you can automatically reimburse home charging sessions of your employees. Mobiflow takes care of one invoice for the employer and the reimbursement to each employee.

Our formulas

A unique formula for every situation

Because every charge point has unique needs, we offer several formulas that perfectly suit your specific situation. Whether you are an individual looking to manage your charging operations, a fleet manager of a company, a business with a car park where a public charging point is needed, or if you want to reimburse your employees for their charging sessions – we have a tailor-made solution for you.

Whether it is a simple home charging station, a public charging point for customers or employees of a company, each scenario has its own challenges. Discover our various subscriptions below. Do you have big plans and want to get started with DC fast chargers? Then contact our experts for a tailor-made offer.

Private AC

A basic subscription to secure your charging station

  • Link your AC charging station to our management platform.
  • Get cloudbased access to our central Mobiflow online management platform.
  • View all charging sessions and generate reports (in Excel or CSV).
  • Protect your charging station with charging card control: only charging cards defined by you can use your charging station(s).
  • Receive automatic firmware upgrades for your charging station.
€ 3.75/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Professional AC

Charge your (PH)EV from home

All Private AC features

  • Split billing: Automatic reimbursement for home charging of company cars.
  • Possibility of setting of the desired split-billing rate (in accorance with tax regulations).
€ 7/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Public AC

Connect your charging station with the EV community

All Professional AC functionalities

  • Publication of your charging station as a public charging station in various charging apps.
  • Automatic reimbursement of charging sessions by guest users (roaming).
  • Tailor-made charging tariff (start tariff, kWh price, time tariff or a combination of these).
€ 9.5/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Public DC

Connect your fast charger to the EV community

All Public AC functionalities but specifically for DC fast chargers.

€ 12.5/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Our partner products

NRGkick Smart Cable

The NRGkick Smart Cable deals with all possible obstacles for employers and employees when charging a company car at home.

NRGkick cable


Key benefits for the employer and fleet manager:

  • No complicated and expensive installation
  • The portable smart charging cable remains the property of the employer
  • Easy registration and interfacing with our Mobiflow platform
  • Both for plug-in hybrids and full electric cars


Mobiflow believes in the NRGkick Smart Cable as a strong solution for professional home charging.


Test our products

Our platform

Do you want to test our products?

Want to get more out of your charging station? You can with Mobiflow’s charging platform. You can get an overview of all the activities of your charging station, your employer can reimburse your home charging sessions or you can make your charging station available for public charging. The Mobiflow platform offers a tailor-made solution!

Charging station management

Payment and invoicing

Can I switch from prepaid to postpaid?

This is only possible for electric charging, not for other mobility services. Send an email to and we will sort this out for you.

Do I need a contract to pay for my charging transactions?

There are no fixed monthly costs associated with our charge card contracts – you will only pay for what you use (Pay-for-use only).

Mobifree contract: prepaid contract where credit has to be added beforehand (note: please take bank payment processing times into account).

EV Charging contract: postpaid contract linked to a payment prder. At the end of the month, your banking institution will get a request or payment that will be settled via your selected payment method (payment order).

How can I change my billing details?

You can change your billing details by logging in to via Administration > Account details. If you need to change the company name, VAT number and/or billing address, please send an email to


How do I pay for my charging sessions?

The payment depends on the type of plan that you have.

You either have a prepaid plan, where you add credit to your account in advance via your credit card or debit card.

Or you have a postpaid plan, where you get a monthly bill for the services you have used and pay for them using the payment order you have set up.

How do I set up a payment mandate?

You set up a payment order when you create your Mobiflow account and choose a plan. If you already have an account and didn’t set up a payment order, you can still do this afterwards by logging in via You can set up a new payment order via Finance > Payment methods.


Is my added prepaid credit available immediately?

Your credit will be available as soon as we receive confirmation from your bank or payment provider. Depending on your payment method, this may be immediate or there may be a few days delay:

Adding credit by bank card is immediate

Adding credit by VISA or Mastercard is immediate

Adding credit by bank transfer may take 2-3 days before your card is credited.

My invoice states the wrong details. How do I request a correction?

Please send an email to and we will help you.

What are the charging rates?

The price of a public charging session depends on the operator of the charging point, who determines the base rate for a charging session. The price you will pay for a charging session can therefore differ from one charging point to another, but you can always check it in advance in the Mobiflow app. The price that is visible there is also the actual price that you will pay.

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid?

With a prepaid subscription, you preload a budget onto your account, which then becomes available to you and any other users you have added to the account.

With a postpaid subscription, you set up a payment mandate in advance, use services and pay for them automatically every month via that payment mandate.

In both cases, you will receive an invoice for the services you used.

What is the payment term of my invoice?

You will have 14 calendar days to settle your bill. As the service providers available via Mobiflow always have very short payment terms, this is also reflected in our payment terms.

When does my subscription expire?

The conditions of your Mobiflow plan are defined in the general terms and conditions. Your plan is always renewed automatically. You can discontinue it by sending an email to

When will I receive my invoice? Can I put a PO number on the invoice?

You will get a monthly bill via email, at the start of each new month or on the 15th of the month depending on the start date of your contract. A PO number can be added via Administration > Preferences.


Where can I see if I have credit available?

In the Mobiflow app, you can see how much credit you have available at the top left of your home screen. You can also find it at our Mobiflow platform via Finance > Credit.



Why do I need to set up a payment mandate?

By setting up a payment order, you do not need to take any action to pay for the services you have purchased from us. Setting up a payment order is necessary so that we know who will be paying for the consumption.

Why do I receive a payment reminder via email from the company Payt?

If there are problems making a payment, we sometimes use the services of Payt. They ensure that the transaction can still take place by offering various options and carrying them out as automatically as possible.

Platform management

How do I activate the NRGkick Smart Cable?

The manual can be accessed via the QR code or the attached pdf, but you can also find it directly on our website on the page dedicated to NRGkick ( There you will find a ‘registration’ button that will take you to the same page as the QR code.

How do I create a Mobiflow account on the platform?

It’s very easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions (see appendix) to set up your account.

How do I log in to my My Mobiflow, Mobiflow’s online platform?

To log in to the online platform, go to the homepage of the Mobiflow website. There you will find the ‘My Mobiflow’ tab in the top right-hand corner. Click on it, enter your username and password, and that’s all there is to it.


How do I set up a payment mandate?

You set up a payment order when you create your Mobiflow account and choose a plan. If you already have an account and didn’t set up a payment order, you can still do this afterwards by logging in via You can set up a new payment order via Finance > Payment methods.


What does “white list” mean and how can I add charging cards to this list?

A ‘whitelist’ of charging cards refers to an authorised list of charging cards that are allowed to use (free of charge) a specific charging system or charging infrastructure. The principle of a whitelist is based on the idea that only those charging cards that are on the list are given access to charge electric vehicles at a particular location.
Establishing a whitelist, operators of charging systems or charging points can restrict charging access to specific charging passes. This can be useful in situations where a particular charging infrastructure is intended for specific users, such as employees of a company, subscription holders, or members of a specific network.
With a whitelist, unauthorised users or charging passes can be barred, which helps prevent misuse or unauthorised use of charging infrastructure. It provides additional security and ensures that only authorised users can access electric vehicle charging at a specific location.
Managing a whitelist is done manually on the My Mobiflow platform, with charging passes being manually added or removed from the list. See attached manual.

What is a public charging tariff, what does it include and how can it be modified on the platform?

A public charging rate refers to the cost charged for charging electric vehicles (EVs) at public charging stations. The rate is made up of several components that cover the cost of using the charging station and can vary depending on the location, charging station and business model of the charging infrastructure operator. Here are some of the key components that can contribute to a public charging rate:

1. Energy cost: This is the price for the electricity used to charge the vehicle. It can be calculated based on the amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed or on the time spent at the charging station.
2. Service charge: Some charging stations may charge additional service fees such as administrative fees, maintenance fees or customer support fees. These costs are added to the standard charge for using the charging station.
3. Time-based rates: Some charging stations charge rates based on time spent at the charging station. This can be a flat rate per hour or a rate that varies depending on charging speed or time of day.
4. Charges based on charging speed: Some charging stations charge rates based on the speed at which the vehicle is charged. For example, a higher rate for fast charging and a lower rate for slower charging.

It is important to note that the specific components of the public charging rate and therefore the price of a public charging session can vary from one charging station operator to another, as theyt determine the standard price for a charging session. Different operators may charge different rates based on their business models and cost structure. It is advisable to check the rate structure of a specific charging station in advance in our Mobiflow app before you start charging. The price visible in the app is also the actual price you will pay.

You can change the public charging rate of your public charging stations on the Mobiflow platform. Follow the instructions in the appendix if you wish to change your public charging rate made up of a starting price, a price per KwH and a price per hour.

Split billing

How do I change the split billing fee rate?

See attached document.

How is reimbursement for home charging sessions after activation of split billing billing?

See attached document.

How to activate split billing invoicing?

In the appendix you will find several manuals on how to set up split billing:

What is split billing?

See document (Split billing in a nutshell) for more information. This video walks you through the practical details of how split billing works.

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