4 October 2023

Wolters Kluwer – the greening of our vehicle fleet, a step towards a more sustainable future

In the rapidly evolving world of corporate fleet management, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has become a hot topic. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of our clients who took the plunge: Wolters Kluwer, which proudly shares their efforts in greening their fleet.

The beginning of a green fleet

The greening of the vehicle fleet at Wolters Kluwer began as a long-term project in which they gave themselves time to prepare as a company. The adventure began in autumn 2021 with a ‘pilot employee’. They revised their lease budget calculation to switch from lease price + CO2 contribution to Full TCO. This required them to revise their budget amounts. They then looked at which EVs were eligible for their car policy. They opted to allow only vehicles with a minimum WLTP range of 400 km and to go one model ‘higher’ per budget. After the focus on vehicles, charging infrastructure came into play, with a strong emphasis on home charging.

“The greening of the vehicle fleet at Wolters Kluwer began as a long-term project in which we gave ourselves time to prepare as a company.”

Mobiflow’s role in greening

Finding the right charging infrastructure partner was crucial for Wolters Kluwer. After a previous disappointing experience with another partner, they discovered Mobiflow. The decision to switch to Mobiflow was made when their current partner could not meet certain requirements.

“Finding the right partner for charging infrastructure was crucial for Wolters Kluwer.”

Mobiflow took over the ongoing business and ensured a smooth transition. They introduced the new system to social partners and employees, answering questions and seeking solutions to any problems. This emphasised the employees’ confidence in the new supplier.

A smooth onboarding

Wolters Kluwer is very satisfied with Mobiflow’s services, citing flexibility, in-depth knowledge, solution-oriented thinking and consultancy as strengths. They also praise Mobiflow’s friendly and helpful staff. Wolters Kluwer chose to work with only two installers, Energy King and Connect-it, to ensure stability and price guarantee. Wolters Kluwer currently operates a fleet of 500 vehicles, of which about 30 are electric vehicles (EVs). The company has tackled the challenges of greening with a clear vision and the right partners at their side.

“Working with Mobiflow is like charging a battery: It starts with a strong connection for a powerful future.”

Ann Deschouwer – Fleet Manager Wolters Kluwer