Split billing tarief

Split billing tarief

18 October 2023

Platform release in the spotlight: Split Billing reimbursement rate – CREG vs. self-chosen tariff

The split billing functionality was introduced quite some time ago to properly reimburse the power consumption of the company car when the employee charges it at home. Due to the (highly) volatile energy prices over the past year compared to a more stable trend in the past, it is important to be able to easily adjust prices to this changing market.

Until before our platform release of 16.12.2022, this was a manual and often time-consuming process as each split billing contract had to be adjusted individually per employee. With the December 2022 platform update, it became easier to easily adjust the split billing fee rates set on the platform to changing needs, such as an increase in energy prices. Mobiflow set the customer’s preferred tariff once itself on the platform based on a mailing asking for the customer’s preferred tariff: the CREG tariff or a self-selected tariff.

  • The CREG tariff is the prevailing rate for the reimbursement of home charging sessions of employees, or home charging sessions of one’s own company or self-employed activity. This rate is automatically updated monthly in our Mobiflow platform based on the last published CREG tariff ( The CREG tariff varies depending on where you live (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels). For Flanders, the tariff even takes into account the capacity tariff, which does not yet apply in Brussels and Wallonia for the time being. It is also possible to opt for the Belgian average, which is the average of the three regions.
  • A self-selected tariff. This tariff is set by the end customer and must be periodically re-evaluated and adjusted in the Mobiflow platform. If this tariff was chosen, Mobiflow set it once for the customer. For the adjustment or update of the tariff, the customer himself was responsible or Mobiflow did the adjustment for the customer when explicitly requested.

What is the result after one year? Which tariff is preferred by the client? Most customers opted for the CREG tariff as shown on the diagram below.

The government considers the CREG tariff to be the most correct average and serves as a reference, although no legislative proposal has yet been submitted on this. Talks between the eMobility sector and the relevant ministers are ongoing.

Do you want to change your split billing reimbursement tariff from self-selected to CREG tariff? Read in our FAQ or our explicative document how to set the tariff change on the platform.

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