6 December 2023

Plan your winter holiday with Mobiflow

As we celebrate St Nicholas’ Day and winter sets in, we are delighted to share with you some tips on how to make the best use of your Mobiflow charging card. You’ll be able to hit the road with peace of mind, whether it’s for work, a romantic weekend away or a skiing holiday. Happy reading!

In recent years, the actual range of electric cars has increased dramatically, reaching an average between 300 and 500 km depending on the model. As you may have experienced this summer, air conditioning has an impact on your battery capacity. The same applies to cold weather. In periods of frost, for example, you can expect to lose a few per cent of capacity if the car is parked outside, and up to 25 per cent if you’re driving in very cold weather. Of course, other factors also play a role, such as extra cargo, use of winter tyres, the state of the road surface and weather (wet versus dry), any roof box or towbar box and, of course, the speed at which you drive. Take this into account before setting off, especially on long journeys when you’ll need to consider recharging more often.


How do you prepare your car for a trip to the mountains?

You’re already looking forward to a great time on the slopes, but you’ve got to get there first.

  1. Make sure your car is in perfect condition

Before you leave, check the 12-volt battery (useful for the car’s accessories and equipment), the pressure and tread depth of your winter tyres, the brakes, the windscreen wipers and the windscreen washer fluid.

  1. Must-have in your car

A warning triangle is compulsory in your car in all winter sports countries. It’s best not to put it with your spare wheel under your luggage, but to keep it handy so that you can easily reach it when you need it. What’s more, in countries such as France, Italy and Austria, you must have a yellow, red or orange fluorescent waistcoat with reflective strips in your car for all occupants. In Switzerland, this is not compulsory, but recommended. And don’t forget your first-aid kit, which is compulsory on our roads, as it is in other European countries such as Greece and Austria. Be sure to check that it contains all useful medical elements.

  1. Why not also pack a little “survival kit”?

As you can never be too well prepared, why not slip into your boot:

  • a good ice scraper
  • a lock defroster
  • a warm blanket, useful in the event of a traffic jam or breakdown
  • a foil or blanket to prevent windscreen freezing during parking
  • a torch
  • water and provisions
  • any medication

Winter tyres and snow chains

In many winter sports countries, you also need to carry snow chains. You can find out where and when snow chains are required in each country here. Check in advance which snow chains suit your tyres and practise putting them on at home once already to avoid frostbite along the road 😉.

Mobiflow charging card

Whether you prefer the Belgian coast or a ski resort, the Mobiflow charging card is your ideal road companion. In Belgium, you can recharge your electric car at 95% of public charging points. And in Europe, it gives you access to around 395,000 charging points, making it one of the largest networks of public charging points, including the fast-charging Allego, Fastnet and Ionity networks, among others, located mainly along the main European motorways. Perfect for a stress-free journey, whatever your destination.

The map below gives you an overview of our connected public charging points in Belgium and other European countries, including those famous for their ski resorts.

You can also find all the available charging points and their applied charging rates on the Mobiflow application. Download our Mobiflow app now (Google Play / Apple Store).