22 September 2023

Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw and Mobiflow: the magic of collaboration

Our collaboration with Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw, a care provider for people with mental disabilities, not only offers its residents more involvement and contact with society by offering them a variety of daily tasks, but also results in a livelier home community. The helping hands of Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw are far from finished. The magic with which they enchant our charging cards results in success.

Working together with a purpose

“The collaboration came about through informal contacts with Matthijs De Maeyer, Mobility & Charging Manager at Mobiflow, in 2020,” says Rudolf Luytens, Supervisor semi-atelier at Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw. “It all started with an informal conversation in 2020. A conversation that would lead to a special collaboration, which we are still proud of today.”

A win-win situation

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation. We also like the ecological aspect of Mobiflow, namely electrification. Our residents and guests feel useful because of the tasks they can perform on behalf of Mobiflow, and they come into contact with people without disabilities and from diverse backgrounds,” Rudolf Luytens continued.

“But what makes this collaboration really special is that our residents feel involved thanks to Mobiflow and they explore a world outside the walls of OTB.”



The helping hands of Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw are far from finished. The magic with which they enchant Mobiflow’s charging cards results in success. The small but much-needed tasks the residents perform for Mobiflow are greatly appreciated and our appeal to them is accepted with a big smile. Mobiflow is convinced that its charging card leaflets are in good hands and that the residents of Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw ensure a perfect finish.

“Bringing the charging cards to the post office makes it possible for our residents and guests to get outside the walls of OTB for a change. For them, a visit to a post office is a fun outing, where they also come into contact with other people. The simple act of delivering charging cards opens doors for them. They explore the world outside OTB and make new friends. A visit to the post office becomes an adventure where they come into contact with people from outside the institution,” states Rudolf Luytens.

An annual celebration to remember

To thank OTB residents for their commitment, Mobiflow organises every year a summer party, boat trip or any relaxing activity that is much enjoyed by the residents.

“The annual party organised by Mobiflow, coupled with a team building for the staff of both Mobiflow and OTB, is one of the highlights of the year for OTB’s residents and guests. The party is a reward for their hard work, even for residents with limited budgets.”

Working together in harmony

The tasks for Mobiflow are carried out collaboratively by the supervisors as well as guests and residents. In this collaboration, there is no separation between supervisors, volunteers and guests. Everyone works together, and that is the key to its success. There are plans to expand this collaboration model in the future, because there is definitely room for expansion of the work.

“It is always the same supervisors and volunteers from the semi-atelier who supervise the work with the guests and residents. A supervisor has two tasks in the semi-atelier: monitor the dynamics between the residents and ensure the quality of the work done. What distinguishes us from custom companies is that with us, the atmosphere is key, not just financial success,” Rudolf Luytens proudly concludes.

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