Installing a charging station and making it operational: who does what?

At Mobiflow, we strive for a seamless transition to electric driving by offering high-quality charging station management software. We understand that successfully making a charging station operational depends not only on advanced technology, but also on a clear division of responsibilities. We have therefore created this page to give both the installer and end customer a transparent overview of who is responsible for what aspects: Mobiflow as Charge Point Operator (CPO and eMSP) versus the installer or installation company.

Our partnership with skilled hardware installers ensures that you, the end customer, receives a complete end product of hardware and software, without any confusion about who does what. Below is a detailed division of the tasks of both Mobiflow and the installer, so that the end customer as well as the installer know exactly what to expect when making a charging station operational and maintaining it.

Thanks to this clear division of responsibilities, we strive to make the electric charging experience of the end customer and the installer effortless and hassle-free.

Mobiflow versus installer

The list of tasks or responsibilities below gives a clear picture of who is responsible for what aspect of the process of making a charging station operational. Collaborating and clearly defining these tasks is essential for efficient and trouble-free operation of the charging station network and also ensures that the end customer and installer know who to turn to in case of questions or problems.

Mobiflow responsibilities:

1. Mobiflow platform set-up for end customer and usage support

  • Creation of user account on the platform.
  • Creation of CPO and/or eMSP contracts on the platform, including setting up any payment mandate.
  • Ensuring availability of the platform.
  • Platform demos for the end customer on request.

Mobiflow platform set-up for installer and usage support

  • Initial set-up for installer, i.e. set-up Quality Assurance and Maintenance platform (QA & MT), set-up login for access.
  • Ensuring availability of the platform.
  • Organisation of training for installers.
  • Provision of hardware manuals and general information on the Mobiflow website to enable independent installation of Mobiflow software.

Delivery, activation and configuration of Mobiflow charging card

  • In B2B context: delivery of charging cards to fleet managers who in turn distribute them to the end customer.
  • In the B2C context: delivery of charging cards to installers who in turn distribute them to the end customer.
  • Activation and configuration of the charging card in the Mobiflow platform.
  • Support in setting up a whitelist or discount list for certain charging cards at the end customer’s request.

Charging station management and monitoring

  • Registration of the charging station, i.e. linking the charging station to the user and setting up a charging tariff when the charging station is made publicly available.
  • Providing customer support in terms of general management of the charging station at software-technical level (o authentication management, account management, o contract subscription management & basic reporting and data export)
  • Providing customer support in terms of general monitoring of the charging station on a software technical level (o monitoring operational status, charging sessions and remote actions, such as rebooting)

Billing and payment processing

  • Split billing set-up and handling payment process.
  • Collection and processing of charging sessions and end-user payments.
  • Invoicing of subscription fees.
  • Financial processing of all public charging sessions with different CPOs/ eMSPs.

Maintenance and expansion of the roaming network, including publication of charging points in the Mobiflow app.

For questions regarding the above topics, please contact our Support helpdesk at or at 09/296.45.45.

Installer responsibilities


  • Planning of the installation date after coordination with the end customer.
  • Physical installation at the location designated by the end customer.
  • Connection of the charging station to the appropriate electrical supply and network connection.


  • Connecting to Mobiflow’s CPO platform, i.e. configuration of the charging station and set-up in the Quality Assurance (QA) platform.
  • Perform tests on the installed charging station to ensure that it functions correctly.
  • Troubleshoot any technical issues during installation.
  • Provide necessary details to Mobiflow for platform set-up.
  • Request a technical inspection if required.


  • Respond appropriately to impending breakdowns or failures that have already occurred to meet high availability requirements, e.g. hardware technical failures or disconnection to the CPO -backend (Mobiflow).
  • Set up a first-line and maintenance service that identifies faults and, if it is a hardware-technical fault, resolve it subsequently.
  • Provide technical support to the CPO (Mobiflow) in case of any problems after installation.

Technical inspection

  • Detailed visual inspection of the device, e.g. checking the mechanical condition of interior and exterior of the housing.
  • Checking the electrical installation.
  • Firmware upgrade if a new version is available.
  • Replacement of filter mats if present.

Safety and quality

  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations during installation.
  • Guarantee high quality installation practices.

Raising end customer awareness on proper use

  • Raising awareness and brief practical guidelines to the end customer on the correct use of a charging station on a hardware technical level.

Documentation and reporting

  • Update technical data and location information.
The contact details of the installer can be found on the charging station.

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