5 June 2023

The charging point does not recognise my charging card. What should I do?

1. If the problem occurs when you try to stop a charging session, please check whether you were using the charge card with which you started the charging session. This should always be the same card.

2. When you try to start a charging session, first check whether you can find the charging point in the Mobiflow app. Only the charging points that you can also find in the app can be used for a public charging session.

3. If the charging point belongs to a network where you were able to charge in the past or you were able to use this charging point in the past, please provide us with the necessary information so we can investigate further: your name, the email address of your Mobiflow account, the code for your charge card, the time you tried to start the charging session, the time you tried to stop the charging session, the exact location of the charging point (address and identification of the charging point).You can report your problem via