5 June 2023

My charging cable is blocked in the charging point or I cannot stop the charging session, what do I do?

1. A charging cable is only released when the charging session has been stopped. First make sure you have ended the charging session and make sure you do this in the same way that you started the session: starting with the Mobiflow app means stopping with the app, starting with your charge card means you have to stop with the same charge card.

2. Make sure your car is unlocked.

3. If you have checked the above steps and the charging cable remains blocked, it is best to contact the owner or operator of the charging point. You should be able to find their contact details at or near the charging point. Some charging points even have an emergency stop.

4. If you are unable to contact the operator, then we will try to help you and contact the operator of the network to which this charging point is connected. However, we are then fully dependent on the responsiveness of the operator in question. Send us the necessary information via so that we can further investigate the problem: your name, the email address of your Mobiflow account, the code for your charge card, the time you started the charging session, the time you stopped the charging session, the exact location of the charging point (address and identification of the charging point).We will try to help you as best as we can, but have no control over and cannot accept any liability for the way the problem is handled.