5 June 2023

Do I always have to return my shared bike to the same place?

We currently offer shared bikes from Blue-bike, Velo Antwerp, Donkey Republic and Villo. Yes, in general, you have to return the shared bikes from Blue-bike, Velo Antwerp, Villo and Donkey Republic to the same place where you collected the bike. This is because these systems use stations where you can borrow and return the bikes. There may be different stations available where you can pick up and return the bike, but you should always check that you return the bike to the right location before ending the rental.

If you return the bike to a different location from where you picked it up, you may be charged extra or you may not be able to end the rental until the bike is returned to the correct station. It is therefore important to check the rules and conditions for the specific shared bike system you are using before renting a bike.