Welcome! This page will help you as an installer to install your charging station quickly, safely and correctly.
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  • Purchased hardware from a wholesaler and are active as an installer of charging stations;
  • Followed a Mobiflow installer training or would like to follow one;
  • Followed a Mobiflow installer training and want to apply for a login to the QA platform;
  • Would like to know the upcoming training dates for installers;
  • Have received a SIM card, charging card and manual, but you still have some questions;
  • etc.

Don't worry, you've come to the right place!
On this page you will find all the information that will help you to install your charging station
- in terms of hardware and software - smoothly.
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Do you still have questions? No problem.
Consult our library of manuals on hardware and software, and read through all the steps again.


Training courses

Do you want to register for an installer training? You are at the right place!
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Commercial offer

What's in it for you!
Before you install the software, it is important to know what we offer.
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Installer support

SOS: I need to install Mobiflow software. How do I get started?
Even after an installer's course, you can sometimes lose your bearings.
Read all the steps from A to Z to make the software installation go smoothly and safely.