1 December 2023

Customer in the spotlight: Stadsbader

So much more than a contractor

Stadsbader is a fixed value in the contracting world and has an impressive portfolio within the construction, infra, civil and engineering activities. Thanks to this wide range of expertise, they offer private and public customers a total project with central coordination. Quality, innovation, environment and safety are always at the forefront. Their vertical integration also guarantees fast, high-quality and customised execution.

Stadsbader has long been committed to optimising energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. This transition is evident in the roll-out of a greener fleet of vehicles and the installation of electric charging points.

Electric cars and charging points

Since the beginning of this year, 40 fully electric passenger cars have already been commissioned within Stadsbader. 50 more are on order or will be ordered by the end of this year. Out of the total fleet, this means that in one year, 23% will have already made the transition.

Per electric vehicle, we emit about 4,400 kg less CO2 per year! The goal is to have a 100% electric passenger car fleet by 2030.

A large electric fleet means that extensive possibilities need to be provided for charging these cars. In recent months, a total of 130 fixed charging points have become operational at all Stadsbader branches combined. Fast chargers will also be provided in the autumn. Mobile charging points were provided for the construction sites.

To manage all these charging sessions, we cooperated with Charge Point Operator Mobiflow.

Green energy

To thoughtfully meet the increased demand for electricity for the charging points on the fixed sites, additional solar panels are being installed there. Considerable potential was already in place, and capacity has been doubled in recent months. This will be further expanded by making maximum use of the larger roof areas.

What remains to be purchased after the consumption of our own electricity is 100% green energy. The ambition is to build our own wind turbine at one or more locations under our own management, to become as independent as possible.

The complete electrification, from the installation of the fixed charging points, fast chargers and mobile charging points to the solar panels, was carried out by their own Technical Department.

Monitoring and load balancing

In order not to jeopardise operational activities during the charging of electric cars, an automatic load balancing system will be brought into operation at the Harelbeke site. Depending on the available energy from the solar panels, the cars will or will not be charged at maximum speed. To this end, all energy consumption is closely monitored and problems are signalled.

Where to charge?

Employees with an electric company car can charge at the fixed charging points on all Stadsbader sites, the mobile charging points on the sites, and external, public charging points. A smart charging cable will also be provided for home use.

The electricity consumed by our employees at home for charging their electric company cars will be reimbursed. The automatic reimbursement is handled through Mobiflow.

Visitors at the Stadsbader sites can charge via their own charging card where invoicing is also handled automatically through our CPO Mobiflow.