Charging Services Order Form (AG/SoSimply)

Thank you for choosing Mobiflow as your eMobility partner. Through the use of the Mobiflow platform you can manage and monitor your charging station online, and with the Mobiflow smartphone app and charging card you get access to more than 390,000 public charging stations throughout Europe.

We are happy to set up your Mobiflow account correctly for you. In order to do so, we need some information from you. Once your account is set up, the Mobiflow platform gives you a complete overview of your charging stations and your public and private charging sessions.

Please fill in this form as completely as possible. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate and contact us.

Thanks in advance,


Note that our office will be closed from Wednesday, 22nd May, until Friday, 24th May.
For urgent matters, our support team remains operational although with reduced capacity.