24 January 2024

Collaboration Mobiflow – MINT Phoenix Contact

Mobiflow joins forces with Phoenix Contact as energy management system supplier

Mobiflow, a leading supplier of charging station management software, is joining forces with Phoenix Contact, supplier of the advanced energy management system MINT. This strategic cooperation is aimed at optimising the charging process for electric vehicles, focusing on smart energy management and sustainability.


MINT energy management system

MINT stands out as a self-managing energy management system that seamlessly connects energy sources and consumers. The system continuously maintains balance on the grid by enabling owners of charging infrastructure to make maximum use of locally generated renewable energy. This results in cost savings, limiting peak consumption and preventing power outages. Through an intuitive central dashboard, charging infrastructure operators have full control over the entire infrastructure.

Challenges in the electric transition

With the growing transition to electric vehicles, companies face technical challenges such as increased energy demand and more complex energy infrastructure. The investments companies are making in electric vehicle fleets raise questions about the feasibility of daily charging of an all-electric fleet and the infrastructure modifications required.

Is it possible to charge an all-electric fleet daily, and if so, how do you manage 50 to +100 charging stations simultaneously at your site? Can current power connections cope?

Business leaders currently face a complex energy issue for their companies.

Public charging points are often still too expensive for employees, companies realise all too well. Moreover, there is a desire to offer employees the convenience of having a fully charged battery at the end of their working day. The crucial question now is: how do you integrate these new large consumers into the wider energy management? Where do you get the power needed for an extensive electric fleet? Is there a need for a heavier electricity connection, and will this require major adjustments to the existing infrastructure? Can the electricity grid handle this, taking into account the capacity tariff? Are alternative solutions available? Etc.

Often, companies lack the necessary expertise and the above legitimate questions deter the majority of fleet managers. Mobiflow and Phoenix Contact offer solutions to this thanks to smart technology.

Smart charging infrastructure and smart charging stations equipped with an energy management system

Mobiflow, in collaboration with Phoenix Contact, offers smart technology solutions to these complex energy issues.

Imagine distributing your energy consumption more efficiently so you don’t need a heavier power connection. Consider avoiding peak times by not charging all vehicles at full power at the same time. This becomes possible with smart charging infrastructure that is seamlessly integrated into your location’s wider system and connected to both local energy production and the grid of energy suppliers. This charging infrastructure uses intelligent software and artificial intelligence to optimally distribute the available energy across various charging points, prioritising vehicles in urgent need of charging.

Today, most electric cars already have a driving range of around 400 kilometres, which is more than enough for the average daily distance. This means there is no need to charge all vehicles from early morning to late evening at full power. It is possible to schedule charging sessions more efficiently, for example when significant energy surpluses are available.

In short, by integrating smart charging infrastructure with the MINT energy management system, companies can spread energy consumption, avoid peak moments and make use of local energy production.

Optimisation with artificial intelligence

The MINT energy management system uses artificial intelligence and individual user profiles to direct available electricity to the right car at the right time. This software is brand-independent and can be integrated into any type of charging station provided that data communication is possible. On the one hand, optimally spreading charging moments throughout the day brings a financial benefit in addition to efficiency. On the other hand, it helps to relieve the grid at peak times and you get more out of your locally (own) generated renewable energy.

Thanks to that technology, energy can be efficiently distributed, and electric vehicles can play an important role in the energy transition and the move towards a more sustainable world. The collaboration between Mobiflow and Phoenix Contact marks an important step towards sustainable and intelligent energy management for electric vehicles. By combining innovative technologies, both companies are contributing to a greener future in which electric mobility plays a central role.

Symbiotic collaboration

The collaboration between Phoenix Contact and Mobiflow offers the end customer an optimised energy efficiency service aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and saving on energy costs.

Mobiflow, as a developer of charging station management software, enables Phoenix Contact to identify users through its charging station management platform (CPO). This allows Phoenix Contact to receive essential information in real time from the end user, identify consumption patterns and then apply it through the MINT system to improve the customer’s energy efficiency. This allows customers to better schedule their charging session with the energy needs of other consumers and match it with the production of their own energy without sacrificing comfort. On the other hand, Phoenix Contact enables Mobiflow to make charging stations fully customisable based on the output of energy sources.

This symbiotic collaboration offers mutual benefits, with Mobiflow and Phoenix Contact complementing and strengthening each other to jointly deliver high-quality solutions and continue to innovate within the energy management sector.

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