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Test our products

1 December 2023

Platform release in the spotlight: Discount lists – Apply preferential rates to your charging points for known users.

We are aware of the need for flexibility and customisation when it comes to managing your charging infrastructure. Many of our customers manage charging points for different end users – from residents to employees and guests to customers. Offering customised pricing and discounts to these different user groups has long been a challenge for which we have found a solution with our platform release Discount Lists.

With our platform update of 9 October 2023, convenient changes for offering tailor-made prices and discounts to the different user groups of your charging infrastructure were implemented.

Thanks to the handy Discount Lists functionality, you can easily offer tailor-made prices and discounts to the different user groups of your charging infrastructure. This powerful tool that allows you to easily and accurately configure discounts on the public tariffs of your charging points means you can offer exclusive benefits to specific users, keeping your public charging points attractive and accessible to all.

How does it work?

Our intuitive interface guides you effortlessly through the process of configuring discounts. You have the ability to set and apply specific discounts to selected public charging stations and for a specific group of users. Whether you want to reward loyal customers or promote green energy initiatives, with Discount Lists we give you the ability to do so. Moreover, you have the option to apply the discount to a selection of charging points or to all charging points linked to your account.

How to configure a discount list on the platform?