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Multimodal on the road

Multimodal! That means conveniently combining different mobility services to get to your destination.
Do you like to use the bicycle, or do you prefer the convenience of public transport? Or do you just want to combine both?
The multimodal route planner in the Mobiflow app offers several possible routes, so that you can fine-tune your trip to your own preference.
to your own preferences. Mobiflow gets you well on your way, no matter what.

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Our Services

Discover what mobiflow can do for you
what mobiflow can do for you

We offer many types of mobility services in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels:

  • Public transportation
  • Share bikes
  • Split trolleys

In short, we make sure you can travel the country carefree with just our app. Soon you can also expect parking services, so you can make even smarter mobility choices.

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