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In addition to a smart route planner, a cool app and a charging card that gives access
to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe, we offer customised solutions
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Mobiflow's roots lie with the software company Optimile which founded the Mobiflow brand in order to be able to offer its solutions not only as a White Label solution, but also as an end solution under the name Mobiflow.
Mobiflow's product range consists of two main pillars, CaaS and MaaS, which can exist separately or combined in one integrated solution, depending on the wishes of the customer.


What do CaaS and MaaS mean exactly, and which customers belong to our target group?

Mobiflow focuses on customers active in the mobility sector who are looking for charging solutions, such as the CPO (Charge Point Operator) and eMSP (eMobility Service Provider). Often people don't know how to get started or want to start without any worries. In that case Mobiflow is the right partner!

Mobiflow offers you Charging-as-a-Service software, or a cloud-based software platform that allows you to start, stop and manage charging transactions (split billing, reporting, troubleshooting) and also gives you as an EV driver access to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe via direct connection or roaming.

Mobiflow also offers you Mobility-as-a-Service software, so you can easily use a smart route planner that helps you combine different mobility services into one travel route. Moreover, you manage all your purchases and expenses in the app itself. Handy, isn't it?

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Mobility services

With Mobiflow's app, you can use different mobility services throughout Belgium, and Mobiflow's integrated smart route planner even helps you find the best combination of different transportation services. Sounds good, doesn't it?


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Charging cards

With Mobiflow's charging card in your pocket, you have access to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe with more than 300,000 public charging points. Order your charging card now! Happy charging!


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Charging station management

Want to get more out of your charging station? You can with Mobiflow's charging platform. You can get an overview of all the activities of your charging station, your employer can reimburse your home charging sessions or you can make your charging station available for public charging sessions. The Mobiflow platform offers a tailor-made solution!


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Mobiflow for installers

Are you an installer of charging stations and would you like to follow a training course to install Mobiflow software safely and correctly? Would you like to consult a manual for a specific brand of charging station hardware? Would you like more details about our commercial offer? Have you followed a training course and would you like to request a login for our platform? Then click on the link below to get started quickly, safely and well informed!


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