Charging Services Order Form

Welcome to Mobiflow

Do you want to set up your charging station and start charging as soon as possible? Well, you can! Once we have set up your Mobiflow account, you can get started immediately!

To set up your account, we first need to collect some information from you via this form. Before doing so, we recommend that you have a few things at hand in order to make filling in this form as easy as possible:

  • Your charging station serial number (which can be found on your charging station);
  • Your charging card(s) number(s). If you do not have a charging card yet, you can order one via this form.

Please fill out one form for each installation location. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via or call us on +32 (0)9 296 45 45. Your installer will also be able to help you with specific questions, such as finding the serial number on your charging station.

Thanks in advance,